LvL 1-9

  • From lvl 1 to 9 you should complete town quests for your fishing pole and pick axe.

Useful Quests

    • another thing to do is the hornboar quest at jason in borneo for the extra a small inventory bag(12 slot).

LvL 9-17

  • From lvl 9 to 17 you should do the repeat quest at Panteon for claybeaks.

LvL 17+ From there do lupinel repeat quests.

LvL 1-99

  • Duo or do a party to take stronger mobs or to kill weaker mobs faster
  • Do the same thing in dungeons
  • Note

Your duo must consists of :

  • A Cleric(Very important if u don't want to waste lot's of potion)
  • Tank or DD
  • Lots of mp and hp potions(in case ur cleric is out of mana and u have to heal yourself)
  • Respective armor and weapon(if ur lvl 25 u got to have 5th armor and weapon)

Your party must consists of :

  • A Cleric(same reason as in duo)
  • Tank and DDs
  • Lots of potions


  • Never attack more than 3 stronger mobs if u can't handle even one
  • Never under estimate weak monsters when they are in large numbers
  • Never go in dungeon without a Cleric
  • Beware of pkers
  • Solo a Dungeon boss is not an option
  • Never go in dungeon without any potions
  • Go in Dungeon with a poor rank weapon or armor

Good article above. But the only thing I'll point out is from your "Warning" section. Soloing a dungeon boss can be taken on if you're playing as a "Defender", the paladin class tank, as at a certain point you will achieve over 1800 defense (Level 40+) if you put all your FP into Earth (Def. Rating), at that point a mob of 30 will only do 4 damage to you, 120 damage, Area of Effect Spell, buff, potions, in other words, you can handle it, but no other class can do this. Just a note.