There are three types of dungeons in Karos.

Normal Dungeon

Normal dungeons are scattered throughout Asmara. They are suitable for parties up to five players, and are not instanced.

Quartz Mine of Dansel

Img dungeon1 1 A huge mining network covering Berneo and Lupinel. Its tunnels reach even the deepest core of the Dansel Valley.

Event Dungeon

Event dungeons are instanced dungeons for parties of five players. There are multiple ways to reach the end boss,and player actions (such as killing a certain monster or standing in a particular spot) trigger effects that determine which path the party must take. Each path offers different challenges and loot options.

Hypogeum of Mirod Chapel

Img dungeon2 1 A secret underground chapel in Castle Mirod. It was originally built on the site of Castle Mirod, which was a mere outpost back in the days of the 400 Year War, to provide service to the fallen. This old religious site is now all but forgotten as the outpost has become a castle, but it is still accessible through the secret storage room in Mirod Chapel. This old structure consists of a vast hall seemingly designed in human style, and a terrace with several levels.

Maze Dungeons

Maze dungeons are instanced, and consist of a grid of square rooms with walls that move and shift, affecting the party’s path through the dungeon towards the end boss. Maze dungeons contain large numbers of monsters, and have no party size limit.

Room of Trials

Through the ages, experienced Karos warriors have meditated on ways to train the young ones of their kind. After much contemplation, they devised a facility modeled after a locale in Bhalasong: The Room of Trials, an ever-shifting maze powered by a demonic spell. The Karos send promising apprentices here to prove themselves worthy of advancement to the next class. To the untrained eye, the dungeon appears to be nothing more than an arrangement of old walls, but in truth, it ‘lives’.

Old Volantia

A makeshift cave dwelling built before Volantia took its current form, Old Volantia has been abandoned for nearly a thousand years and is home only to wild animals and troglodytes. It consists of a labyrinthine network of rooms and tunnels, and Fletta energy generators are scattered throughout.

Gelmenco Lair

The underground hideout of a bloodthirsty and widely-feared orc raider, Gelmenco’s Lair lies beneath a section of the Kafenril Ruins in Peltrok. As well as containing large caches of stolen goods seized by Gelmenco’s goblin minions, the lair holds a formidable force of banished orc warriors.